"Kelly Griffin's Leah transformed Beethoven's Leonore into a fanciful power-to-the-people wonder woman." - Dania Maxwell, LA Times
Photo by John Cafaro.

"Kelly Griffin gave a highly expressive performance that won a warm audience response...in several soft, long-sustained phrases that made evident her strengths as a musician..."


Kelly Griffin, Soprano
Photo by Daniel Welch.

Praised by The Wall Street Journal as “imposingly passionate,” Kelly Griffin brings her voice of considerable power and warmth to every role she embodies. This season, Ms. Griffin has garnered rave reviews as Leonore in Heartbeat Opera’s modern reimagining of Fidelio, touring the US at MetLiveArts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Mondavi Center, The Broad Stage, and The Scottsdale Performing Arts Center. She also proved her versatility with their innovative visual album, Breathing Free, highlighting music from Beethoven’s Fidelio and African-American spirituals. This season in new music, she appeared as Woman in the workshop performance of The Extinctionist by Daniel Schlosberg and Amanda Quaid. During the previous season, she was featured as the soprano soloist in Silas Farley’s American ballet, Songs from the Spirit, commissioned by MetLiveArts.



Kelly Griffin in Heartbeat Opera's "Breathing Free." Photo by filmmaker Anaiis Cisco.
Photo by filmmaker Anaiis Cisco.


Amherst College

Kelly Griffin in Heartbeat Opera's "The Extinctionist." Photo by Russ Rowland.
Photo by Russ Rowland.


"Kelly Griffin sailed through the treacherous role with a lean, cool soprano encompassing both pingy high notes and gutsy plunges into chest register."

— NEW YORK OBSERVER, of Kelly’s Lady Macbeth

Kelly Griffin, Soprano
Photo by Daniel Welch.